I create textile artworks.  Inspired by nature I use mostly sustainable materials to create complex pixel artworks. Currently, I’m working with powerful images of big cats. This conveys my interest not only in the appealing visual nature of these creatures but also my concern of the threat/mistreatment they are under as a species. 

With a background in graphic design, fashion design and textiles, I have devised my own technique to transform images to tactile textile artworks. 

Using sustainable, natural or up-cycled fabric. I hand cut and transfer each tiny square to canvas. My works so far have contained between 9,000 to 25,000 individual fabric pieces. The smallest square size is only 5mm sq. 

From afar the artwork is print-like but up close you get the pleasure of seeing the meticulousness’ of the piece and the tactile nature of the sustainable fabrics. The results are quite mesmerising. Due to the nature of the fabric I use, my artworks change their appearance as with the light of the day.

Please browse the works available. Contact me for any commissions on any subject, size or colour.

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